Aticap – Drip Tip Protector


The Aticap is a sanitary drip tip protector that doubles as a glass protection band. It comes in two different sizes: Aticap Classic and Aticap XL. The XL is designed for wide bore drip tips. The XL is the perfect fit and is compatible with most 5/8″ drip tips. Our main goal is to prevent debris and other foreign particles from entering through the drip tip and contaminating flavour. It’s an added bonus that The Aticap has a thick durable glass protector attached for a simple two in one design.

*** Aticap only. Mod and tank not included in purchase! ***

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Aticap – Drip Tip Protector

Aticap – Drip Tip Protector 1 x XL Soft Black, Vintage Red or Electric Blue Aticap.


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