Emergency Vape Stash – Sugary Graham Cracker 120ml


Emergency Vape Stash Sugary Graham Cracker eJuice lets you skip the pie and go straight for the crust. Whether it’s grandmas secret recipe or you’re just a huge fan of the savoury parts, this sweetness and spice delight will give you the crunch that you’re craving. The crisp graham cracker and full cinnamon vape juice will stack up layers of flavour that satisfy even the most stubborn of cravings. When your taste buds are having an emergency and you don’t know where else to turn to, this sugar and cinnamon ejuice will be the number one thing in the stash you should go for. You don’t need a glass of anything to enjoy the gentle crispness of this savory treat.

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Sugary Graham Cracker – Homemade buttery graham cracker pie crust, dusted with cinnamon and sugar!

Size: 120ML/0mg


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